Bereaved But Still Me

The Trauma and Grief of Being a Reporter

August 05, 2021 John Vause Season 5 Episode 8
Bereaved But Still Me
The Trauma and Grief of Being a Reporter
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Show Notes

How does a person react to having to give bad news day after day, even hour after hour? When COVID-19 news is what is being talked about around the clock for months, how does that affect a news correspondent? What feelings are evoked when doing stories about COVID-19?

This episode features John Vause, a multi-award-winning journalist for CNN International (CNNI). 

John started out as a reporter in Australia and after a stint in Los Angeles as a correspondent, decided to stay in the United States. 

For the past twenty years, he has been a reporter and anchor with CNN. He covered 9/11 from New York, was in Kabul for the fall of the Taliban, was a unilateral reporter for the Iraq war, Jerusalem correspondent for 3 years, and a Beijing correspondent for 4 years.

In 2010 he was ready for a change and returned to Atlanta for a new role as anchor, and for more than a decade, he’s fronted CNNI’s overnight programs from the United States which are targeted at European morning viewers.

He currently co-anchors ‘CNN Newsroom’ from 12-2 AM ET on CNNI.

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