Bereaved But Still Me

Eldercare Financial Planning

November 05, 2020 Miriam Whiteley, CFP™ Season 4 Episode 11
Bereaved But Still Me
Eldercare Financial Planning
Bereaved But Still Me +
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Show Notes

What can we do to make sure that when we pass. our loved ones will be able to make sense of our last wishes.  What is the importance of leaving an organized last will and testament?  Where do we leave all the relevant insurance information?  What is the importance of having all our financial papers in order?  

Miriam Whiteley, CFP™ walks us through some of the basic procedures we need to follow so that our loved ones will know what to do after we pass on. Making a will and having advanced directives reduces the stress of trying to figure out our intentions are when it is no longer possible to talk to us.

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